Sun Signs
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Details on the sun signs to understand oneself and improve your Life.

This is a two part DVD from Aries to Libra part one and Scorpio to Pisces part two. Both the volumes can be purchased for only      $29.99 EACH.


Sunit K. Gupta DVD's

The latest gift to the people is his DVDs revealing "What the year 2020 has in store for you?" 

Sunit has produced this special program based on his intense knowledge of Vedic Astrology. 
This is the first time in the World . Dr. Gupta has offered his expert guidance to enhance good luck based on the Zodiac Signs in these DVDs. Besides forecasting the horoscopes for the year 2020.
Lots of emphasis has been laid out on the right Sun Signs. Gupta champions the Astrological Signs based on the Vedic Astrology are more authentic than regular Western Tropical Astrology.
"Where the entire World follows the Western Tropical Astrology. My followers follow my forecasts and guidance given to them through Vedic Astrology" claims Gupta. "It is amazing to see the accuracy when your follow the knowledge handed over to us by great sages of Vedas".

losangelescrimelawyer made a real revolution in the industry.


Let Dr. Gupta help you to rediscover yourself and to live the Life to the fullest through his experience and Life Coaching Skills. He has helped people from all facets of Life. Why should you be deprived? 

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DVDs made in Hollywood in a professional television studio.

Also in VHS video format.

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