Dr. Gupta has poured all his knowledge and experience on DVD. Till date all the God Gifted talents and learning from angels, rishis and gurus are being shared. Each progam is shot in a professional Film studio in America. With excellent picture and sound quality it is a must for anyone from any religious background.

All the programs are original, unique and are being launched first time globally. Peerless and a must program. Instead of reading several books and flattering numerous Gurus. You can simply know and imply a lot which is given to us by God.

The cost of each Dvd is $39.99. For a limited time only we are selling these unique top selling DVD’s for only $29.99. Dr. Gupta has World wide copyright on each program.

A portion of the income distributed as charity.

1. Vaastu : An intense and detailed program on Vaastu. Gives you simple but sophisticated tips to improve your Life Style and income. Creates Harmony and Peace of mind. Dr. Sunit K. Gupta being a World renowned Vaasthu Vid is giving his pearls of tips for almost free.

2. Lucky Tips : A unique program here Dr. Gupta reveals deep guarded secrets of Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra and other religions. Anyone who watches and follows simple tips will be successful in the desired direction.

3. Sun-Signs : Details on the sun signs to understand oneself and improve your Life.

4. Signs : An informative 1/2 hr program specially produced to make a common person aware of their intuition. It makes the viewer tap their own inner power and prepares them for future.

5. Spirituality


Sunit K. Gupta DVD's

6. "Meditation" : Universal practice of SAFE meditation.

7. "Ranga Niketan" : Sensational dance and martial arts program by Great troupe from Manipur. (India). The Devotees of Krishna, under the spiritual leadership of great Guru : His holiness (Dr.)Shri. Damodar Swaroop Maharaj ji.

Two part (Dvds) program also has an informative interview with his holiness swami Shri. (Dr.) Damodar Swaroop Maharaj ji. This is his last appearance on the television.

8. "Psychic-Self Defence" : In today's evil World there are lots of negative vibrations being passed and harm being done to innocent people. To protect oneself this program has been created.

They can also take advantage of their sixth sense to improve their day to day Life.

There is lot of jealousy in the people. The sad truth is this jealousy is also present between the siblings, spouse and relatives.

Dr. Gupta has given proven easy tips to follow to ward off the bad luck.

9. "Ashihara Karate-Blue Belt" : A great DVD for self defense. Even a novice can learn how to defend himself/herself. A must in today's day to day Life.

Let Dr. Gupta help you to rediscover yourself and to live the Life to the fullest through his experience and Life Coaching Skills. He has helped people from all facets of Life. Why should you be deprived? 

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DVDs made in Hollywood in a professional television studio.

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