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What the Year 2020 has in store for you

Now available for the first time on DVD By renowned Psychic,
Dr Sunit K. Gupta of the Psychic Realm based in Los Angeles!
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Now Available at the Special Price of
DVD : What 2020 has brought for You? US$39.99 (including S&H)

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All other DVDs $29.99 each.

Dr. Gupta insists on viewing his Dvd presentation of what the year 2020 has brought for you? Based on Vedic-Astrology. The predictions based on Jyotish system of Vedic Astrology are very different, authentic and unique from the western system. This is the first time in the World where anyone has made a professional DVD based on Sun Signs.

Let Dr. Gupta be you Personal Spiritual Counselor, Psychic and Astrologer.

  • Dr. Gupta can help in your day to day Life in any of the following areas: Family Problems/ Counseling, Financial Guidance-Planning, Court Matters, Jury Selection, Marketing Yourself or your Business, etc.
  • We together can change the Destiny.


Dr. Gupta is a distinguished personality of the Spiritual World. Based in Artesia/Diamond Bar/ Pomona/SF Valley he is famous for his services extending more than last three decades. Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), Hindu Palmistry, Clairvoyance (Divya Dhirshti), Tantra, Tarot Cards, Numerology are some of his expertise.
Dr Sunit released his sets of DVDs titled "What the year 2017 has in store for you", "Lucky Tips" Vaastu","Spirituality" and "Signs" . Dr. Gupta is a scholar of religion and practising Hindu spreading his message of Vedas through his consultations, seminars, discourses , Radio/ television. programs and his DVDs. Being a famous television and media personality in different countries like U.S.A., Canada, West-Indies, India, Shri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, S.E. Asia, Mauritius, Europe, Australia, etc. has poured out his knowledge on his set of four DVDs including recently released
The first DVD is "What the Year 2020 has in store for you?". It details the Zodiac signs based on Hindu System of Astrology. Very informative DVD with professional tips to improve your day to day Life.

The second DVD is on the "Vaastu : Art and Science of Living"

An intense and detailed program on Vaastu. Gives you simple but sophisticated tips to improve your Life Style and income. Creates Harmony and Peace of mind.

Dr. Sunit K. Gupta being a World renowned Vaasthu Vid is giving his pearls of tips for almost free. "My DVDS are the best thing any family could have in their collections.

Recognized and reputed Globally. A man with various talents. A man with unique bouquet of God's Gifts. Dr. Sunit K. Gupta does enjoy the reputation of being highly gifted and knowledgeable meta physician.
After being successful in predicting Barrack Obama's victory in U.S. Presidential elections and now Donald Trump. Dr. Gupta  certainly deserves cheers for his two hat tricks in a row. He has successfully predicted 6 U.S. elections. In his magical Pandora's Box he has numerous successful predictions he made for individuals, celebrity and World Leaders.
The latest gift to the people is his DVDs revealing "What the year 2020 has in store for you?" 

Sunit has produced this special program based on his intense knowledge of Vedic Astrology. 
This is the first time in the World. Dr. Gupta has offered his expert guidance to enhance good luck based on the Zodiac Signs in these DVDs. Besides forecasting the horoscopes for the year 2020.
Lots of emphasis has been laid out on the right Sun Signs. Gupta champions the Astrological Signs based on the Vedic Astrology are more authentic than regular Western Tropical Astrology.
"Where the entire World follows the Western Tropical Astrology. My followers follow my forecasts and guidance given to them through Vedic Astrology" claims Gupta. "It is amazing to see the accuracy when your follow the knowledge handed over to us by great sages of Vedas".

Really it is amazing to know that these DVDs are specifically made through the Jyotish based on Vedic Astrological Systems.
"I decided to make these DVDs in a professional television studio with multiple cameras and professional sound, lights, editing. I wanted to be the first one to show to the World how Jyotish could help them by just watching a DVD." confirmed Gupta.
 You have read enough in the Astrological Signs. Digged through various magazines, newspapers and astrologers. Still you may have not been too happy.
Dr. Sunit Gupta understands your curiosity. That is why instead of writing through news media and emails. Dr. Gupta himself wants to reveal the future in person. He has made a special DVD which you can enjoy and keep as reference to help you in shaping up the year 2020.  These DVDs have so much to reveal which can not be turned into prints. Remember speech is faster than reading.
  First time in the history being a futurist and pioneer in revealing future. Sunit has oozed out his genius in Astrological Science. You will be amazed to see how you can improve your year 2020 by watching these DVDs. Dr.  Gupta has also given expert tips to overcome the obstacles for free, without spending a dime. Also in these DVDs Dr. Gupta has indicated the cycles of Good Luck.

Dr. Gupta has poured all his knowledge and experience on DVDs. Till date all the God Gifted talents and learning from angels, rishis and gurus are being shared. Each program is shot in a professional t.v. studio in America. With excellent picture and sound quality its a must for anyone from any religious background.
All the programs are original, unique and are being launched first time globally. Peerless and a must program. Instead of reading several books and flattering numerous Gurus.  Dr. Gupta has World wide copyright on each program.

A portion of the income is donated to worthy charities as prescribed in Atharva Veda.



Let Dr. Gupta help you to rediscover yourself and to live the Life to the fullest through his experience and Life Coaching Skills. He has helped people from all facets of Life. Why should you be deprived? 

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